100% agree. Clearly you’ve considered this a great deal and you are very passionate about this. I hope that I also can be inspired to work on innovative solutions to these problems. As you know, I’ve been considering a lot how technology can be used to reduce sexual assault in our workplaces and on our college campuses. I recently found some programs that are farther along than TandaPay is. I just thought I would mention them for your reference.

Based on a seminal 2012 paper by Ian Ayres, and Cait Unkovic entitled Information Escrows, the idea of using cryptography to produce whistleblower software entered into the academic literature.

Further academic papers developed the idea about how a report system could aggregate information and give greater weight to reports made by multiple victims concerning the same harasser:

The result was Callisto

A project which is currently active on 12 college campuses

See also: Callisto student activism toolkit

But there’s still a problem

Callisto is a reporting system without a community structure. Any student can use the system once it is operating on a college campus to submit a report. But, the platform doesn’t create communities of students that actively coordinate in solidarity to verify a victims claim as soon as the harassment has occurred.

Callisto is good but Focal Point is better

The Focal Point™ protocol is a special variant of a whistleblower complaint system. It uses financial incentives to guarantee that the content of complaints submitted by whistleblowers are true. It requires that participants, within the group from which the whistleblower complaint originated, verify the facts of the complaint. In this way, TandaPay functions by combining a system for complaint validation with a system of financial incentives. This represents a new innovation which has never previously existed.

The software coordinates communities of members to verify claims of sexual assault in the workplace and on college campuses. Only a local community with a shared ideology is qualified evaluate claims that are fundamentally ideological in nature. This is why TandaPay is indispensable as a tool for local communities when they seek to create movements for change. It will provide individuals with an authoritative way to record their own version of events that agree with the communities perspective.

TandaPay is not insurance. TandaPay is speech. The goal of TandaPay’s social agenda is to provide communities with an authoritative publishing platform to combat harm by authorities who have habitually misrepresented their history. TandaPay gives these communities the ability to create their own record of events. Giving communities their right to speak in an authoritative way is the first step to combating class inequality and social injustice.

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Incentives architect for TandaPay

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