Ah… ok maybe I have some insight now as to why you reached out to me. Incentives are everything and community currencies are one way to create incentives. What is the simplest method for setting up a community currency pegged to a reserve currency with a dynamic exchange mechanism that is fully automated? Hmm… wow that’s a tough one :). As you know I’m heavily biased.

I actually honestly don’t know how many mechanisms compete with Bancor to perform this function. I’ve only found one protocol that does it in a way that I understand. To me Bancor just like seems so natural. Its like the missing piece to the puzzle I was working on for more than a year, the peanut butter to my jelly sandwich.

Before Bancor I made incentive architecture that just didn’t make sense, it didn’t work. The incentives themselves had no liquidity. Without MakerDAOs DAI or without Bancor’s mechanism for creating community currencies I’d be sunk. These are the essential tools of the incentives trade.

But I’m a bit extreme in that I see the blockchain’s primary usefulness in its ability to escrow funds. As a secondary its ability to make payments. That’s a dumb way to think but… I really don’t want to make payments. I can already make payments just fine thanks. Its the escrows tied to non-performance on contracts which I can’t make. So this whole censorship resistant payments thing… erm… yeah I suppose that’s cool err I guess (If you really need to send a payment that the government wants to censor? Not really sure I find myself in that position much but ok).

But wouldn’t you agree that escrows are WAY cooler? Well probably not I mean I am the weird one after all, (in a community of weirdos, or is crypto mainstream now?) But hey peer to peer insurance is an escrow that requires a censorship resistant payment, 2 birds with one payment. Woah! Cool dude. :)

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Incentives architect for TandaPay

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