“Career prosecutors and FBI agents aren’t allowed to comment publicly about criminal investigations nor can they respond to their boss AG Bar.” — Jonathan Kravitz

“Department lawyers are ethically bound to protect the confidences of their client the US government.” — Jonathan Kravitz

“Bars decision to excuse himself from these obligations and attack his own silenced employees is alarming. it sends an unmistakable message to prosecutors and agents if the president demands we will throw you under the bus.” — Legal Eagle

“If we want to have a conversation about criminal justice reform and curtailing some of the FBI’s power or their ability to use the broad mandate of section 1001 so that we can talk about a more fair justice system, I’m all for that. I and a whole bunch of other defense lawyers would love to be able to remove some of the power that the federal government or other investigators have when investigating people. But this isn’t one of those cases.” — Legal Eagle

“(This) is a case of special treatment doled out to one of the president’s closest advisors. That (treatment) is the exact opposite of the rule of law. That’s crony capitalism. It’s corruption.” — Legal Eagle

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Incentives architect for TandaPay

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