Dear President Barack Obama

I’m sure you are very busy sir, but you have not yet responded to my last inquiry. I can be persistent at times when I feel it is important.

Sir, I noticed that on your website Anguish and Action, you never link to the ACLU’s report FIGHTING POLICE ABUSE: A COMMUNITY ACTION MANUAL. In that report communities are instructed to “gather the facts,” and they are told to:

  • Forget the Official Data
  • Forget the “crime rate.”
  • Forget the “clearance rate.”
  • Forget the arrest rate.
  • Forget the citizen complaint rate.

With all due respect sir, how are citizens supposed to advocate for sensible policy reform if they don’t have access to essential data to guide them in the decision making process? We need accurate data generated by communities to bring about meaningful changes in public policy. Once again I implore you to please consider technology that allows groups to publish an authoritative record of what happens in their community. Here are the links:

One day I hope we can have informed discussions on policing. We need data, we need to know what is happening in our communities. If you know of a better way I would love for you to tell me what it is.

Thank you very much sir.

Joshua Davis

Written by

Incentives architect for TandaPay

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