You wrote:

almost all touted use cases are obvious nonsense.

So you are saying that blockchain does have some valid use cases then? Instead of being a cup 90% empty person why not try to focus on the 10% of valid use cases that actually have value.

The number one use case for blockchain is regulatory arbitrage. If I use blockchain for that use case do I have a valid reason to tout that I’m using blockchain? If not then why not?

How about this. I bet if you read what I wrote you will eventually conclude that indeed regulatory arbitrage is a valid use case. I’m willing to bet $500 dollars on it. The reason why I’m willing to bet this is because even if you insist that it is not a valid use case you will look like an idiot if you say that. This means I’d basically be giving you $500 dollars to admit you are an idiot which is fine with me. So are you man enough or are you just going to keep focusing on superficial aspects of the technology?

You wrote:

They are trying to posture as an expert in an industry which realistically has no experts.

Right because the people who worked on developing Ethereum and Bitcoin are totally not experts when it comes to distributed ledger technologies such as blockchain.

You wrote:

we use the term (blockchain). But we’d love to abandon it. It encompasses many distinct concepts, some of which we love and some of which we hold in contempt. I believe that in five or 10 years, we will look back at the popularity of “blockchain” and be slightly embarrassed.

I believe in 10 years you will be embarrassed for writing an article with no substance, that advances no technology, that educates no reader, that enhances no persons understanding. My advice is to delete what you wrote and move on.

Now if you take me up on my challenge, this is the first article:

The others are here:


Finally I would finish with this one:

What problems does blockchain technology actually solve in insurance?

I wish you no ill will. If I am honest I’m probably jealous you have so many readers and that is why I’m critical. But you could also write better content.

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Incentives architect for TandaPay

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