“His analysis of the other core devs different way of thinking is spot on.” — When I consider how much time Gavin and Mike took to explain their position and to move it out of the realm of drama and into the realm of logical consideration and reasoning based on the future of the protocol (notice I didn’t say currency) I am appreciative of the choices they made.

“Mike gave a new choice of implementation to the market … Achieving consensus without choices is not a consensus.” — Peoples concept that there shouldn’t be a way to vote on this change is their way of asserting that there shouldn’t be a change. To them anyone who disagrees with their opinion disagrees with “consensus.” Now we have a choice and its being driven by two developers I feel have taken a very rational approach and perspective to real issues about scaling bitcoin the protocol not the currency.

I’m not invested in bitcoin. I could care less what the currency is worth. Its the protocol, what it can and can’t do that matters. So I will never agree with people in your camp because fundamentally all you care about is protecting your “currency” holdings which have absolutely no value to me in the long term view of the future of the protocol.

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Incentives architect for TandaPay

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