I read a fair number of comments on your youtube videos and I watched a good number of reviews. I don’t think you really demonized late fees and overdraft fees enough and you gave people ground to criticize you for encouraging people to behave in a way they see as “financially irresponsible.” I think you need to refocus your message to something that sounds more like this: Episode 957: You’re Giving Your Boss A Loan

Move people away from the concept that the Earnin app enables a “loan for a date” and move people toward the concept that evil bankers name their yachts “overdraft” because they love to maximize their profits from your pain.

If you are serious about changing the narrative you need to demonstrate that financially responsible people should want to eliminate ALL their late and overdraft fees. Then they would have $300 or more a year to spend on things that mattered to them. Hone in on this message as it can be crafted in ways that would be immune to criticism from personalities that preach messages of fiscal responsibility such as these:

Is the Earnin App a Scam | Early Paycheck

Earnin App Review — Is It A SCAM ?

Beware Of The Earnin App! | InvestorsOnTheRise

Your advertisements almost seem to cater to people who would prefer not to plan for their future, people that don’t want to learn about how to budget their expenses. The Planet Money story is a real story about real people struggling to make ends meet and I’m sure that it generated a lot of interest in DailyPay. Generate spots that sound more like that.

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Incentives architect for TandaPay

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