I responded to you on Reddit here:

“Ok I’m glad you don’t *forbid* the creation of a stablecoin. But they already exist and the total marketcap of stablecoins on Ethereum is greater than 700 million dollars.

I need stablecoins for a consumer application called TandaPay. My application simply can’t work without a stablecoin. If I don’t use a stablecoin my users won’t use my app. The market is dictating to me what they “do” and “do not” want.

I don’t get to dictate to the market what they “will” or “will not” have. If I don’t build what the market wants then my app will fail. Its really not up to me. Consumer insurance products must hold assets that maintain a stable price.

Insurance exists to negate risk. Risk averse people can’t handle price volatility. I can’t create an insurance app for risk averse people that uses Ethereum as its base currency. I just can’t… I will loose all my money and go bankrupt creating such an app.

Its not up to me. It never was. The market has the ultimate say in all these matters.”

Written by

Incentives architect for TandaPay

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