I strongly disagree with this statement. What we need is apps that appeal to a non-crypto userbase. We need apps that can provide value to mainstream users. Ideally these users would benefit from the technology without even being aware that they are using cryptocurrency. We need to educate people as to the value that this technology can provide them NOW, not once we have scalability completely solved.

We don’t need scalablity solved. Instead we need better incentive architecture that can deliver value to users with fewer transactions. My designs can provide value to tens if not hundreds of thousands of people given Ethereum’s current transaction throughput.

Many who were merely speculating on the price of cryptocurrency were deceived resulting in a bitter taste after they experienced financial losses.

But with the right architecture we can deliver meaningful financial applications for mainstream audiences within the limitations of today’s scalability. Don’t keep telling people that “someday” blockchains will be able to help them.

You’ve got to believe that this someday is today! You’ve got to bring apps to market that can truly help people now.

Written by

Incentives architect for TandaPay

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