I watched your video and I’m still reading the article and I am impressed with your progress. I think that not requiring prior authorization is huge. I don’t know enough about healthcare to make any meaningful statement as to why prior authorization exists. In some cases I suppose insurance providers are certainly preventing doctors from providing patients with the best possible care. I also know that there are some doctors who prioritize profits above patient outcomes when considering treatment options.

So seems like you are creating the architecture to streamline the TPA part. Eventually you might be able to leverage a friendsurance model for providing coverage. Then the last bit of improvements you could provide consumers would be greater financial transparency and lower total transaction costs to manage the financial payments and accounting system.

Blockchains are the ultimate financial record keeping systems with the most accurate accounting and auditing features. Privacy however is a big concern. Getting that transparency while protecting patent privacy is only a few years away.

Then the ability to realize the dream of a completely revolutionized and restructured healthcare system will be within our reach.

Let it be so, amen.

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Incentives architect for TandaPay

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