John Ross Give me one example in human history where love solved a problem of endemic inequality that plagued a society for hundreds of years. While your at it, look up what Abraham Lincoln said to Harriet Beecher Stowe the first time he met her.

Uncle Tom’s Cabin was the most influential book in America at that time. Uncle Tom loved people more than anyone else in that book. More than a hundred year later what does it mean to be called an “Uncle Tom?” Did he become this the great shining example of how love would change peoples hearts? No, clearly we needed to change the system that was broken and that required a WAR not love.

Stop being naive and read what others and myself have written. Educate yourself and then educate others. The stubbornness that I see in you in this conversation right now is endemic. This is why nothing ever changes. You’re simply feeding the problem because you are inspiring people to move in the wrong direction. Eventually this will result in more lives lost. If you are not part of the final solution then what are you doing? Are you even helping? Wake up. Read what others and myself have written.

Maybe you can be the shining example for others about someone who had their mind completely changed and they started moving in a direction that would result in fewer lives lost to future tragedy. Wouldn’t that be great if you broke the mold of every single person I’ve ever spoken with when it comes to this issue! Rise above, take in a new thought, evolve and truly help people to see how to solve this problem. Love is NOT all we need.

As an influencer, every word you write that pushes people in the wrong direction puts another future life in jeopardy. Stop it. We don’t need more casualties. Be part of the solution, the final solution.

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Incentives architect for TandaPay

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