“Love is all you need” — Beatles

Well no sorry I don’t believe that. The source of this problem is not people that can be persuaded by love. The source of the problem is the system. Fix the system, fix the problem. People that could be convinced to love were never really the source of the problem to begin with. Our childhood Saturday morning cartoon heroes could shoot love out of their chest to solve their problems. Then we grew up and realized that the evil in this world wasn’t very receptive to love.

If you want to help people, you help them change the principles governing the system. Don’t try and change people, cure the disease. Love is NOT all we need. So much of this conflict and so much of this discourse misses the point completely. This to me is very heartbreaking because nothing will change until the governing principles change.

We are a nation governed by laws and liability insurance. Why people refuse to see this I may never know. If you want things to change then change the laws and incentives that govern the police. I’ve invested my time, my money to find a real solution and no one cares. No one wants a real solution, people want feelings, emotion, love. People do not want solutions because solutions require real work. Work that takes place over years, not weeks.

If people wanted solutions they would realize that they have to put themselves into the mind of their oppressors. What does the oppressor care about? Their pocketbook. You need to touch them where it hurts them the most.

We care about lives. They care about money. Sorry to say it, the solution is not to love the lives of the people in our communities more. The solution is to make it MORE EXPENSIVE to kill people in the community.

Why people don’t see this I cannot understand. There is only one solution. Either you take it or you don’t. Stop lying to yourselves. Wake up, please. The sooner you take up the solution the more lives you will inevitably save. Every day you waste is another life put in jeopardy. Wake up, solve the underlying problem by making it more expensive for the cops to kill people. Make it so expensive that they can’t afford to kill people anymore. To those who want to “defund the police” you are more likely to succeed if you sue them out of existence. As of today how many police departments have been “defunded?” Zero. How many bad police departments were put out of business through lawsuits, plenty. Just read what I wrote and think. Don’t merely let your feelings drive this movement. You don’t win through love. You win by thinking smart and making it too expensive for the police to kill people.

We are a nation of laws. Those who choose to use them against the oppressor will eventually win. Those who don’t, won’t.

Written by

Incentives architect for TandaPay

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