On number six I think what I wrote previously is relevant to what you are explaining here:

Internet 101 — Why do internet domain names have value:

  1. Ownership of the most popular domain names is a rare commodity.
  2. The value of a domain name exists within the context of a technology people use everyday — the internet.
  3. If the internet was a brand, then domain names would be ownership shares of that brand.
  4. Desire for unique domain names pushes prices upward.
  5. Domain names only have value if market demand determines their value.
  6. As the value of the internet has grown over time so also the value of domain names.

Blockchain 101 — How is the value of cryptocurrency similar to the value of domain names:

  1. Ownership stake in the most popular cryptocurrencies is limited.
  2. Purchase of cryptocurrency by the public is largely speculation. This is similar to how in the dot.com era many domain names were purchased by speculators.
  3. Each cryptocurrency is its own unique brand and tokens are shares of ownership of that brand.
  4. Similar to how early internet culture in the mid 1990’s perceived the internet to have a future value, the public perceives blockchain technology as being useful in the future.
  5. Cryptocurrencies only have value if market demand determines their value.
  6. As the usefulness of apps which run on blockchain platforms grows over time, so also will the fundamental value of cryptocurrencies. This increase in fundamental value will look very similar to how domain names gained fundamental value over time as the internet became more relevant.

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