150 % price increase of Liothyronine distributed by Mckesson / Amerisource Bergen and manufactured by Sigmapharm

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Today I went to Costco to pick up my prescriptions and was hit with a price increase of greater than 150% for a required medication. If you have had a thyroidectomy then you cannot live without thyroid medication. In December of 2017 I paid 83 dollars for 180 25mcg tablets making the price $0.46 per tablet. March 2018 I paid 108 dollars for 180 25 mcg tablets or $0.60 per tablet. Today the price was 272 dollars or $1.51 per tablet. That is an increase of 250% in three months. I don’t have any answers but I have lots of questions:

  1. How many pharmaceutical companies produce liothyronine 25mcg tabs? How many manufacturers for liothyronine does Costco have access to?
  2. Is this a national shortage or just with Costco’s supplier?
  3. Why couldn’t Costco change their supplier (they have 2) or change the pharmaceutical company who was manufacturing the drug (there is plenty of them)?
  4. If Costco has 2 different suppliers and these suppliers work with multiple pharmaceutical producers how can there be this type of price shock?
  5. What caused this shortage? Is this a real shortage or is it fabricated?
  6. Why would a shortage cause such a huge price shock?
  7. Is Mckesson, Amerisource Bergen, or Sigmapharm a bunch of scumbags?

I called the Costco pharmacy and they said that this was a national shortage not just with their supplier. That makes no sense. Look at how many companies manufacture this drug:

Costco’s supplier is McKesson and Amerisource Bergen but they don’t seem to provide Liothyronine manufactured by Sigmapharm and there is plenty of other manufacturers that they do use:

Here are the relevant articles I’ve found about issues with other manufactures of Liothyronine in the UK:

Obviously this company Concordia is evil. I hope they burn in hell for being scumbags. If you work for Concordia you should feel ashamed. As for Sigmapharm, McKesson or Amerisource Bergen I don’t know. They are probably are scumbags but I can’t prove it. As for Costco after I called them they apologized for the price and they said the price increased but not by that much. They said that the correct price was 208 dollars. This means that they will provide me a credit of $64 which is nice of them. Costco always tries to be helpful so I don’t think they are the source of this problem.

I’m offering a $100 reward for information which would allow me to label any of these companies as scumbags as it relates to the pricing of Liothyronine for the US market. You have to publish the information you have and back up your statements with credible facts that can be corroborated by sources on the internet. I hope someone takes me up on my offer not because its going to bring prices down but just so that we can all feel better knowing that these scumbags who are profiting off of our misery get called out as scumbags.



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