TandaPay Cannot Be Regulated — 1

Direct payments are a protected first amendment right

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Substantiating what was previously said

Previously I wrote the following:

“TandaPay isn’t insurance. TandaPay is speech. As protected speech, it cannot be regulated by anyone … The government would have to radically curtail 1st amendment freedoms in a way that violates all previous precedent set by cases such as Citizens United v. FEC or the recent case with Janus vs. AFSCME, and they are not going to do that.”

But what grounds do I have to make such statements? This series of blog posts will examine the legal precedent which establishes the following assumptions:

To help establish the validity of these assumptions I am actively conducting legal research which will establish the foundations of my case. TandaPay policyholders who seek regulatory relief will likely assert that their premium is a form of protected speech. Their belief that payment of their premiums is a contribution (not a premium) which helps build their local community is a critical requirement. This is why each participant must take the TandaPay pledge. Before being allowed to use the app these are the terms to which the participants must agree.

The TandaPay pledge

By using this application I vow that I believe the following statements to be true. These statements apply to both my motivation for using TandaPay and my expectations as to the outcome of my participation in TandaPay. I vow that if required I will testify in a court of law that the following statements apply as to my participation in the building of my local TandaPay community:

Continuing research is an ongoing process

Currently there are three blog posts which consider what legal precedent provides protection to TandaPay groups:

As this idea gains more traction there will be a clearer definition of our strategy for dismantling regulatory interference into TandaPay’s operation. I have no doubt that we will bring this fight to the steps of the supreme court and we will win a decisive victory for the American people. I hope that you would join me in my quest for the vindication of a more perfect model of transparency and honesty in the age of decentralized insurance architecture.

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Incentives architect for TandaPay

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