Thank you! Praise God for your courage to reveal your identity. I too have given myself to a foolish endeavor and I also have found a great treasure that everyone believes I have no right to have found. Your story makes me feel lighter when it comes to telling my own narrative. I hope you keep it published.

I really hope this treasure does not become a curse to you. What you said is a great blessing to me. May God bless your soul and protect you from evil people whose hearts are filled with greed. And may you go forward with a heart filled with love and appreciation for life that changes the lives of many.

BTW I love your youtube video. If you ever wanted to collaborate on a joint project where we talk about cognitive bias that would be super interesting to me.

If you want some idea about stuff I've written in the past on this topic this article is not bad:

In it I write about:



False equivalence

Sampling bias (Friedländer case but not spelled out perse)

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Incentives architect for TandaPay

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