The same thing happened to me:

Why I considered a suit against T-Mobile and Dropbox — 1
Why I considered a suit against T-mobile and Dropbox — 2

Eventually the thieves were caught but although property was seized no money was ever returned to victims, because why would the FBI ever do that? Even the FBI victim’s specialist assigned to my case won’t return my request for further information, because why would the FBI ever do that?

I think what made me most frustrated is to realize that my wireless provider could create policies which were in violation of the law and not get punished. When a clear body of evidence was presented to the FCC that my wireless provider had broken the law the FCC did absolutely nothing. There are many layers of lawlessness which enables these criminals to steal stuff. There are two types of criminals here and two types of complicit actors who look the other way:

  1. People who steal your stuff.
  2. Companies who allow your stuff to get stolen because they do not follow the law as it is written and they themselves are immune to lawsuits due to arbitration clauses in the contracts they force consumers to sign.
  3. I count the FCC as complicit because they can be given evidence that your wireless provider has broken the law and they will NEVER take any action to correct their lawless behavior.
  4. I also count law enforcement as a factor which enables these crimes for the following reasons:
    * The FBI will prosecute criminals but their reaction time in catching criminals is extremely slow, this creates more victims.
    * Once criminals are caught the FBI will never communicate with victims in any kind of meaningful way.
    * Their lack of cooperation creates more misinformation and confusion as to what their role really is.
    * Given the history of law enforcement agencies criminal investigations into cryptocurrency anything they do is extremely suspect.

The whole world is lawless. The end.

Basically when you own crypto no one is going to protect your property rights except you. No government agency, no court authority, no corporation. No one other than you can protect your right to own your crypto.

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Incentives architect for TandaPay

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