The thought is that a writers fans could use GoFundMe or similar to buy this as a gift for their favorite writer. Let’s face it, we are in quarantine mode now. Women are not going to the spa or hairdresser or getting their nails done. If you want to pamper yourself “virtually” then it must be a gift you give that makes you feel a certain way.

This podcast should be thought of as a virtual spa + makeover + hair + nails for a writers ego. For male writers its more like a chance to brag after winning big at the local poker game.

I’m writing a lot more about this idea but I really think that there is something here. If each episode is $150 to produce and a GoFundMe raises 2/3 of that cost then the writer may only have to pay $50.

And of course there is the game theory. I will spare you from several paragraphs about “unauthentic behavior detection.” But I’ve thought A LOT about this for a very long time.

I’ve worked on a Sneaker Guild system for doing what GOAT and StockX do in certifying sneakers. Trying to create methods that allow communities to distinguish between real and fake sneakers is applicable to creating a method to distinguish between real and fake fans, comments on medium posts etc…

If you want to read about SneakerCred just look at the pretty pictures. Don’t read it. It should take you 5 min just to look at the pictures:

The point is that this is something I know can work and add value to people’s lives. Its just a matter of how to sell it to people.



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Incentives architect for TandaPay

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